All hair cutting services receive a customized consultation followed by a stress-relieving scalp massage. Shampoo, condition and style are included. Extra styling or iron work can be booked for an additional cost when scheduling your appointment.
$28 - 56+
$22 - 50+
Children (under 10)
$18 - 46


Wash and Style
$22 - $50+
Extra Iron Work 15+
For hair above shoulder length. This service includes a full consultation, shampoo and condition, followed by a blow dry and round brush style. Iron work may be added on for an additional cost and extra time.
Wash and Blowout
$28 - 56+
Extra Iron Work +$15
For hair at the shoulders and below. This service includes a consultation and a round brushed, blown out style. Iron work may be added for an additional cost and time.
Formal Styles/Updos
Specialty occasion styles in which the guest arrives with clean dry hair. The hair is then curled, teased, pinned or smoothed into an updo or a down style. Shampoo and blow dry not included.
Bridal Styles/Updos
Include one practice style to ensure you are looking perfect for your special day. Starting with clean, dry hair, the hair is curled, teased, pinned or smoothed into the style of their choice. Contract and consultation required at the time of booking.
Clip-in Extensions
Add-on $20
May be added to any formal style. We require an additional 15 minutes and time must be added when scheduling appointment. Guest must bring in their own clip-in extensions at the time of their appointment.
Above Shoulder
$77 - 105+
Below Shoulder
$87 - 115+
Perms are a great way to add permanent curl, texture and body to your hair. Consultations required for new clients and long hair perms. Length and hair thickness may add an extra product charge as well.


All hair color service pricing is a starting point, and can go up by using multiple colors, and with long hair or thick hair. Please schedule a consultation to get an accurate pricing for your service.

One Step Full Color
$65 - 89+
One solid color, from roots through ends.
One Step Color Retouch
$55 - 79+
Roots only color touch-up, matching up to previous coloring on the mids and ends.
Partial Foil
$52 - 80+
Adds dimension, using foils applied throughout the sides and top of head. Multiple colors may be used for an additional charge.
Full Foil
$67 - 95+
Adds dimension, using foils applied throughout the sides and top of head. Multiple colors may be used for an additional charge.
Bleach and Tone
$81 - 109+
High lift blonde, lifted and toned.
Glossing Treatment
$25 - 45
A semi-clear color service that adds lots of shine, and some tone. This semi-permanent treatment can be added on to any hair cut or color service.
Specialty Color/Hair Painting
$82 - 160+
Hair painting is an advanced technique color service that includes balayage, ombre, and other advanced painting techniques that can be added on to almost any color service. We strongly recommend scheduling a consultation for new clients requesting this service, as it is nearly impossible to price quote over the phone. Balayage is a coloring technique in which the color is painted on the hair in a way to create a graduated, natural looking effect. Great for those looking for a softer, blended or sun kissed look. Balayage can also be done in a series of appointments to achieve a more bold or dramatic look. Ombre is a hair painting technique where the hair is colored darker at the root, and it fades into lighter on the ends.
Color Corrections
Color corrections are complex, usually multi-step color services. They can include fixing at-home hair color, or removing dark hair pigment to go a lighter shade. If you’re unsure if you need this service, please schedule a complimentary consultation so we can be sure to book your service correctly. Some color corrections may not be guaranteed.


Botanical Therapy Conditioning treatments can add moisture to dry hair, or add protein and strength to brittle and damaged hair. These treatments greatly increase the condition and softness to your hair. Can be added on to any service, or done alone as well.

Add-on $15

Add-on Intense Conditioning $25

Treatment Only $55

Scalp Detoxifying Treatments
Add-on $25
Treatment Only $60
Deeply cleanse the scalp with wintergreen derived salicylic acid to gently exfoliate and remove scalp build-up.
Clarifying Treatments
Add-on $25
Treatment Only $55
Great for those who love swimming, have hard water, or use a lot of hairspray! Hard water makes your hair feel rough and dry, and leaves a warm and brassy build-up on the hair. Chlorine build-up makes your hair feel gummy, look green and clumpy, and artificially shiny.


We offer Easihair® tape-in extensions in 32+ colors and a variety of lengths. These human hair pieces can be added in for a fun pop of color, for volume in your current style or for length. Please call today to set up your complimentary consultation with a licensed stylist.


Prices available with consultation.